Now keyword rank tracking is not as easy as it used to be

SEO rank tracking

Selection of the right keyword is very important for getting high ranking in the Google’s search engine. Bloggers are very particular in using those keywords which are searched by most of the users. Such keywords will enable the website to appear in the first few SERPs. When on-page SEO is carried out in the proper way the website is likely to appear among the first 50 search results. Proper keyword management is essential for successful SEO.

Rank tracking is not enough nowadays

Earlier, only ranking of keyword was considered for measuring the success of SEO. However, today it is not like that. The SEO professionals and bloggers are aware of the fact that success of SEO is not indicated by keyword ranking alone. When a keyword fails to drive more traffic or effect more conversions it cannot be considered as a powerful keyword for the particular domain. Along with keyword ranking, organic traffic as well as conversions also indicates the success or failure of the website or URL. In the past SEO experts were much depending on the keyword rank tracking tools to monitor the progress of their SEO process. But, over the years Google brought various changes and as a result keyword rank tracking on Google’s search engine is now not as easy as it used to be.

Most SEO tools are against Google’s guidelines

Google wanted to discourage the use of keyword tracking tools and if they find that the tracking tools scrape the ranking details directly from SERPs a CAPTCHA will be displayed to verify that the search was from a human agency. In case of repeated scraping the IP address willed be banned from visiting Google. Hence, today when bloggers and SEO professionals search for keyword rank tracking tools, they must be aware of these aspects, especially those who will be tracking a lot of keywords.

Why to use keyword rank tracking tools?

A particular keyword which is used by a website may be used by the competitors also in their websites. In such cases, the web master wants to know the position of his website in the Google search engine for the particular keyword since others are also using the same keyword. The keyword rank tracking tools are used to gather this information. The rank held by a website in the Google search engine in a group of companies that are using a particular keyword is taken as the keyword ranking.

SE Ranking

Being one of the best keyword tracking tools, SE Ranking provides data with accuracy, detailed analysis and reports. This tool offers various other features also that help the users to perform other SEO tasks. Many SEO professionals who have used this tools are of the opinion that this tool is versatile as well as reliable. SE Ranking is a cloud-based platform. The price tag of SE Ranking is also competitive.


RankActive is a popular keyword rank tracking tool that ensures accurate tracking of keyword and assures the best value for the money paid by the user. RankActive enables the website to achieve better ranking by detecting on-page errors, copied content and links that are broken and correcting those errors. Since RankActive is a all-in-one SEO platform, the users need not depend on a number of different tools for their SEO tasks. This is a user-friendly software.


This free keyword rank tracking tool helps to get more keyword suggestions from Google. Using this tool one can generate simple suggestions related to the query typed on the search box. It also helps to generate content suggestions so that the user can choose the best topic for his articles. The user can store the best keywords in extension and can export the same to CSV file. The keywords can be used for SEO, PPC and marketing campaigns. Though it is a very powerful rank tracking tool, it is very simple as well as easy to use. This tool checks all the competitors automatically.

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