Use website users recordings to detect problems and fix them

Session recording with Smartlook

Recording website users is something new for many people. It is really exciting to watch the real-time interaction of the visitors with the website. Those who watch the recording of website users for the first time may have hardly anything to highlight. However, after watching a number of recordings the viewer will be in a position to explain the trends he has observed in the activities of the visitors.

Watch how your customers behave

After watching the videos for a few hours one can easily narrate how the visitors interact with the website and how they engage with various elements of the website. In due course the viewer will start to notice the particular elements that are normally navigated by the visitors from one page to another. The viewers will also watch keenly the interaction by visitors with buttons and various elements that are clickable. They start paying more attention to unusual behavior of the visitors that appear in different forms like unusual mouse activity, repeated clicking, rapid scrolling and more. When the visitors take too much time to complete an activity the same will be noticed by the person who watches the video. They also notice the movement of visitors, how they move from page to page and where they stop in between and why. While watching the video, the webmasters come to know about various problems with their website that are to be looked into. There may be broken or missing elements, functionality that is not working, incorrect loading of the pages and various other defects. The marketer can initiate corrective steps to fix these problems.

Help of session recordings

The session recordings as well as replays are awesome tools to show clearly how the visitors behave when they visit the website. On browsing the website they get a highly exciting user experience. After viewing a few recordings one will be able to say why the visitors get stuck and what makes them to convert. From the recordings one gets the clear picture as to how users interact with various elements on the website. When one watches the replay they come to know where users get stuck or confused and identify the technical as well as informational obstacles. The viewers will also find out why people are leaving the website. On watching the session recordings the marketer or the UX designer gets the opportunity to see with their own eyes the quality of their work. The session recording will also show everything the user has viewed in his browser. The movements of the mouse, clicks and scrolling in real-time will be displayed.


The online businesses can optimize the conversion and usability rate of their websites using Hotjar. Conversion-funnels, visitor recordings and heatmaps are the most amazing features of this tool. Hotjar helps the users to find out where visitors click, how they scroll and how much time they spend on a page. From all these data the marketer will be able to identify the areas that need improvement.


Smartlook clearly displays customer behavior on the website. Smartlook provides consistent feedback regarding conversions that occur on the website. With the help of Smartlook the marketer can build metrics for better analysis. Smartlook points out the errors on the website and also the behavior of the visitor which is very important to optimize the sales funnel. From Smartlook the marketer comes to know what his customers buy.

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