Is email marketing still the most powerful sales-generating channel?

Email marketing still effective

Those who opt for email marketing will be able to have more engagement with the customers and as a result they can increase their sales. When the businessman receives more traffic to his website he can get more leads and develop more new customers.

Easy, cheap and effective

Email marketing is the easiest, the least expensive and at the same time the most effective method to develop new customers. Email marketing enables the marketers to establish personalized contact with the customers. The marketer can maintain communication with all those who had purchased his products in the past so that he can keep most of them in his fold. Email marketing enables the businessmen to get automated feedback from the customers and these feedback provide genuine information which will help to improve the business further. For those who are in email marketing, their email list is a very valuable asset for them.

Great tool for marketers

The greatest advantage of email marketing is that the marketer can increase his sales without spending much of his time or resources. The average ROI will not be less than 35 times the money spent. Repeated emails sent by the marketer encourage the customers to come back and in any business bringing new customers in to the fold is far more expensive than retaining the existing customers. The majority of B2B marketers are of the opinion that Email is the most powerful channel to generate sales. Whenever the marketer gets in touch with his customers and leads, he should utilize it as an opportunity to add on his email list. The marketer should ensure that the signup form is available on his Homepage, Blog, Web pages that receive maximum traffic, Social Media, Events, Store and Print Ads.

How to make email marketing more effective?

Email Campaigns are very important for the success of email marketing. The marketer should promptly send the Welcome email to new customers. The messages that are sent as part of the email marketing must be clear, impressive and informative. The marketer must ensure that those who subscribe for the first time and those who buy from him for the first time feel happy, comfortable and reliable. The marketer should guide them to move further and should never fail to fulfill his promise. The email messages sent by the marketer should not be too long and should be simple and easy to understand. The readers may lose interest when they receive a complicated message. Requesting for feedback from the customers is a positive step towards customer retention. When the actions taken by the marketer are customer-oriented it will be easier to retain the customers. When the marketer requests for feedback the customer gets the opportunity to communicate directly what he/she wanted to tell. Surveys and polls are also to be included as the features of email marketing so that the marketer can get genuine feedback from his customers as well as subscribers.


AWeber, which is one of the most popular email marketing solutions offers marketing automation as one of its outstanding features. AWeber recently introduced “AWeber Campaigns” as one of its marketing automation features. The user actions such as open and clickthroughs when applied along with the tags are to determine what is to be sent and to whom it is to be sent and also when to be sent. AWeber is well known for its responsive email templates. These templates adjust their sizes automatically so as to suit the device on which they are viewed. Users of Smartphones and Tablets will find this feature really exciting. AWeber offers efficient and reliable customer support and also offers 30-days free trial with all features.


GetResponse is considered as the easiest email marketing software available in the market. GetResponse is ideal for sending email newsletters, email campaigns, online surveys and autoresponders which are meant for follow-up. The amazing features offered by GetResponse even exceed the expectations by email marketers. The landing page creator and engaging of contacts through live webinars are two unique features of GetResponse. A host of email marketing packages are available with GetResponse. GetResponse also offers 30 days free trial.


According to email marketers FreshMail is the most ideal platform for sending personalized newsletters. The user can either select the templates or create his own template from scratch and then add the required elements with just one click. The email newsletters from FreshMail appear really professional and automation with Google Analytics is another notable feature of FreshMail. It is now easier to send autoresponders to the subscribers. FreshMail provides the best customer service for 24 x 7. FreshMail is easy to use and the interface is highly impressive.

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