Awesome tool for tracking all links called jotURL

Link shortening tool

JotURL is a smart tool that offers a variety of functionalities all of which are quick as well as easy to use. Those who decide to go for this awesome digital marketing tool will never regret for the decision. This is an all-in-one suite with cool features and an amazing UX. With jotURL one can easily build branded tracking links and QR codes and can track and organize activities, campaigns and content comfortably and conveniently.

Track traffic sources

JotURL software can identify the user’s best marketing sources so as to enable him to optimize his results completely and also maximize the monetization potential of his links. The greatest benefit from jotURL is that with this digital marketing tool one is equipped with a host of very powerful tools as well as capabilities which will enable the user to measure cross-channel touchpoints and also optimize the budget for marketing, improve campaign performance as well as campaign implementation and also improve rate of conversion. JotURL manages to bring everything under one roof in order to provide the user the entire control over his marketing tasks as well as marketing expenses.

Share interesting article with your CTA

JotURL provides the advantage of custom CTAs and also making the CTAs far more effective. The marketer is enabled to attract many potential customers with the support of powerful content. The marketer can just sit and watch the increasing traffic to his website and can easily convert his visitors as customers. Apart from identifying the best traffic sources jotURL also helps the users to retarget the visitors who click on the links. The software will create a profile of each visitor after capturing the details of each visitor. The retargeting codes are integrated with Facebook, Google, Pinterest, etc. and using these retargeting codes the users can get ads that are quite significant. The ads will be closely related to the content that are viewed on the site.

Many features for every tracking link

The exciting features of jotURL include branded links, conversions, calls to action, remarketing, deep links, monitoring and analytics. The marketers can use the CTAs to attract prospective customers. Easy Deep Link is another feature developed by jotURL. With a single click of the Easy Deep Link the user can access the jotURL page directly from the app for Product Hunt. This simple as well as fast feature enables the users to migrate seamlessly from Facebook to Instagram and then back to Facebook. JotURL is a highly powerful tool that is capable of boosting the results and conversions.

A tool every marketer needs to have

This tool helps the user to find out the value generating channels, save time and resources and increase the number of leads. The user can boost his CTR with the help of the branded tracking links or the QR Codes. Moreover, the user can monitor as well as organize his campaigns to optimize his results and also monetize his links. All the marketing links of the user can be optimized, compared and monitored using jotURL. This digital marketing tool is in fact the first all-in-one platform to optimize, compare and monitor all the marketing links.

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