Udemy – the completely legit online platform for learning

Online learning with Udemy

Udemy is an online learning platform and conducts tens of thousands of courses in a wide range of subjects. As of January 2019, more than 30 million students had learnt various courses on this platform. The difference between Udemy and other online course providers is that Udemy is not marketing any courses that are created by universities and educational institutions. In Udemy anyone can create and sell a course. Udemy is completely legit. Various skills are learnt on this platform by millions of people.

Learning platform number 1

Udemy has won the appreciation of Forbes and Mashable also. However the black mark on Udemy is that anyone can create and sell courses in Udemy. As a result of this, the quality of courses is likely to vary for different courses. Those who plan to get enrolled for courses in Udemy may make it a point to go through the course reviews in detail and also they may search for the round-ups of the best Udemy courses. There are numerous Udemy courses that are created by instructors who are proven experts in that field. The renowned expert in cloud solutions as well as Amazon Web Services, Ryan Kroonenberg created a course for Udemy and about 400000 students were enrolled for that course. Hence, undoubtedly Udemy is 100% legit only. However, we cannot refuse the fact that there are many courses of poor quality also in Udemy.

All online courses worth the money?

Those who have chosen the poor-quality courses are likely to speak negative about Udemy. Udemy provides a low-cost platform to learn. In Udemy no course is priced above $20. Those who selects the really good courses can learn brand new skills for a very low price. However, the certificates issued by Udemy will not be considered as valid qualifications. Just for $20 one cannot get a certificate equal to the degree or certificate issued by a university. But those who learn new things from Udemy find them quite useful for career advancement.

Udemy courses for career enhancement

Blogging for a Living is a course offered by Udemy. This course has more than 11 hours of content and one can learn from this course everything related to setting up a blog from scratch and create income through affiliate marketing. This is one among the most popular courses from Udemy with a 4.5 star rating by more than 5000 students. Another course from Udemy, “Work from Home as a Virtual Assistant” was created by a successful VA who had been in that profession for more than 10 years. This course includes 56 lectures. A large amount of high quality content is also provided and the course costs only $15. Some of the instructors at Udemy earn six-figure income by selling their courses. Once a course is created, it provides passive income to the person who created the same. Udemy course can enhance the career of a student if it is a recommended course and the student learns the course with seriousness.


Skillshare is an online learning community and offers courses on a variety of topics. The courses are not accredited by any institution and no certificates are provided by Skillshare. Just by signing up to Skillshare for free anyone can access the free classes. Those who pay for the Premium Membership will have access to more than 20000 classes in their Premium catalogue. There is provision for offline viewing also. Skillshare offers free classes on various subjects like business, technology, creativity and Lifestyle. These courses are free for all. The instructors at Skillshare are paid commission at the rate of $10 for each premium membership referral sent by the instructor. Apart from that the instructors are paid a portion of the monthly income earned by Skillshare.

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