Callback widgets relieve customers from long queues

Callback widget

The Callback Widget is an automated service to enable the website visitors to order a call from a manager. When the visitor clicks on the Callback button on the website and when the client interacts with the website for some time the Callback widget will show up. Callback Widget will ensure that when a customer contacts the company over the phone he is not made to wait for a long time and also that the call is not disconnected abruptly. Also, he is not redirected to a wrong person. By way of ensuring these precautions the Callback widget effectively prevents loss of potential customers.

Ready for more phone calls?

Callback widgets are very effective in boosting the number of phone calls from genuine buyers and those who are genuinely interested to buy from the particular website. Most of the customers will not be liking to hold the phone for a long time and also they want to avoid phone call charges. These issues are resolved efficiently by the Callback widget. Moreover, any customer will be more than happy when he receives a quick response from the company he wanted to contact. Normally the customer fills up a form in the website to order a product. As soon as the customer feeds his phone number the callback button will connect the manager with the customer. The customer will be excited when he receives the response within seconds after filling up the form.

It is very easy and simple to set up the Callback widget and one need not higher the service of a programmer. When the client is in a hurry he will not have time to visit the website of competitors and will decide to buy your product. In this way the Callback widget facilitates conversions.

Attracting customers and retaining customers

The Callback Widgets are found really effective in attracting customers and retaining customers. When the visitors are unable to gather the desired information, in all likelihood they will leave the website. Callback Widget offers the best solution to this problem. It will make the customer to order for callback and get the information. When the customer gets prompt service from the online shop with the help of Callback widget he will be happy and will visit the website again.

Callback Widgets function very quickly and enable to contact the customers within seconds. The marketer can choose the color, animation and location of the widget according to the website’s design. The callback widget can have either horizontal orientation or vertical orientation. As a result of setting up the Callback Widget customers are not required to wait in the queue. Callback Widget provides cost-effective solution to increase customer satisfaction and to facilitate conversion. Availability of callback service will be a great relief for the customers and as a result they will not think of switching over to the competitor.


Novocall is a popular Callback widget service to help marketers to effectively engage the web visitors by ensuring instant response from the sales staff. Novocall is an international firm and the service is available in 40 countries. Novocall offers 14 days free trial for potential customers. Novocall is offered for $39 per month and they offer monthly as well as annual subscriptions. The annual subscriptions are 30% cheaper.


Online businesses can improve their customer service by way of setting up the CallPage widget on their website. The feedback from the clients are positive and after setting up CallPage widget the lead generation will improve and customers will be happy and excited. CallPage can considerably increase the calls conversion rate. CallPage enables the marketers to call their website users as soon as they click on the webpage. CallPage offers a better and more effective solution to improve the business through phone calls.

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