Is VPN the best solution for safer Internet surfing?

VPN server

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a way of connecting different networks that are located separately from the internet. The security protocols used for such networks ensure the confidentiality as well as authenticity of the information that is made available through the VPN system.

Most common VPN features

The VPN technology is now very popular over the world and companies are now giving much importance to VPN connections since it ensures privacy and also protection from hackers. Business houses and various other private organizations now insist for sending encrypted data over a network. VPN has made internet surfing safer. Thanks to VPN now those who surf the internet are protected by VPN from hackers. Those who connect their Tablet or laptop or Smartphone to a public Wi-Fi network can ensure safety and security by connecting to the public Wi-Fi network through a VPN.

Enhanced security while web browsing

When the actual location of the user is masked VPN ensures safety of his IP address and the data will be completely protected from the intruders. VPN provides remote access to data from any location in spite of any restriction. When the companies have VPN there will be no necessity of keeping the workers at a particular place and as a result the productivity of the company increases. The VPN service providers offer affordable packages and by way of choosing the most suitable package the subscribers can save substantial amount of money.

Why VPN is so popular?

VPN provides the best solution to the problem of getting tracked while surfing. In countries where internet censorship is enforced, there will be more number of VPN services since the blocked websites can be accessed through VPN and with VPN it is possible to pass through internet filters. When someone is browsing the internet through VPN it is not possible to trace him. VPN enables the users to access websites and web applications with 100% anonymity.

Saving money with VPN

Many people use VPN to buy cheap flight tickets. Since prices of flight tickets differ among countries one can buy cheaper flight ticket by connecting through VPN the state where the ticket is cheaper. Various rental services also can be booked for cheaper rates by this method. Organizations with VPN can save considerable amount of money since they need not pay for long distance leased lines which are too expensive. They can also avoid paying long distance telephone charges as well as the costs of offloading support. In the case of VPN, the cost of maintaining the servers is comparatively less since the organizations that have VPN can outsource the required support from other service providers. With a proper set up it is quite easy to use VPN and most of the time it will function automatically. VPN will function smoothly with Wi-Fi local area networking.

NordVPN is VPN market leader

NordVPN is one among the very best VPN service providers and is very fast, safe and secure. The security features of Nord VPN are of unmatched quality. With more than 5000 servers in 60 countries, NordVPN has the largest network. NordVPN assures consistent performance and is capable of blocking geo-restrictions. NordVPN service is highly efficient and also affordable. This Panama-based VPN service has provisions for streaming, torrenting and extra security.

Ivacy VPN is a good alternative

VPN services provided by the Singapore-based Ivacy is compatible with almost all devices including Windows, MAC, iOS, Android, Linux, routers, smart TVs and Xbox. For its price, the servers of Ivacy are optimized to a great extent. In USA as well as Canada, Ivacy ensures smooth torrenting with P2P Optimized servers. The subscribers of Ivacy can get connected to the VPN service using almost all the major protocols such as Open VPN, PPTP, SSTP, L2TP and IKEv2. From Ivacy the subscribers get five simultaneous connections and one internet kill switch.

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