How Airbnb offers quality accommodation over a wide price range


Property owners who want to rent their homes or rooms and people who are in search of short-term accommodation can take advantage of the service provided by Airbnb. Airbnb is an online marketplace connecting property owners and accommodation seekers. More than 81000 cities in 191 countries are covered by the Airbnb network. Those who become Airbnb hosts can earn regular income from their property and people who are in search of short-term accommodation can get relatively cheap accommodation.

Wide price range and commission

The Airbnb accommodation costs less than the cost of hotel rooms. It offers different types of accommodation like single rooms, suite of rooms, entire home, apartments, boathouses and moored yachts. Airbnb allows free listing of rental property on its website. The property owners need not pay any charges to Airbnb for listing their property which they want to rent out for short-term accommodation. The property owner has the liberty to fix the rental charges for his homes or rooms. The property owner has to pay 3% commission to Airbnb for every booking and the guest will be charged 6 – 12%.

Not only homes and apartments

Those who are in need of short-term accommodation can search the Airbnb website either by date and location or by price, property type, amenities or the language spoken by the host. Recently Airbnb has included experiences and restaurants also to their list of services offered. Now, those who search the database of Airbnb can find not only the listing of available accommodation but also list of experiences, classes, restaurants, sight-seeing trips, etc.

Airbnb review system

Airbnb gives much importance to reviews. Those who use the services of Airbnb are welcome to leave their reviews on the website or on the app. Public reviews can be of maximum 500 words and it should be visible to all community members. When the guest or host want to send a message of appreciation or suggestions to improve the same is considered as private feedback. Based on the overall experience of the guests they can give star rating from 1 to 5 for the hosts. The overall rating will be posted on the listing profile when it is 3 or above.

Take your time and read reviews carefully

Public review will appear on the profiles of all guests on the reservation. It has been widely agreed by people from different countries that the accommodation sharing introduced by Airbnb is a brilliant idea. Airbnb was launched in the year 2009 and in the initial stage it was serving about 21000 people in a year by finding accommodation for them and in ten year it has grown to the level of listing 800,000 properties in 34000 cities across 90 different countries.

Why so many people prefer Airbnb?

Now, many people use this service to find out accommodation. Airbnb assures quality accommodation for a wide range of prices. Most of the accommodations offered by Airbnb are in prime locations and the normal hotel room will cost much more than the rent charged by the Airbnb hosts. Many people prefer to stay in local homes instead of going for hotel accommodation. Once a verified profile is created it is very easy to book Airbnb accommodation. The guests can book the accommodation instantly or submit a request for later booking.

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