Buyers unite to get the cheapest prices for worldwide known products

Drop formerly Massdrop

Drop is the online shopping website of the California based company Drop which was formerly known as Massdrop. The company has taken it as their mission to unite enthusiasts so that they can have the best deals for their favorite products according to their passions and hobbies. The enthusiasts from different parts of the world come together to unite, participate in discussions on their favorite products and together work out the best deals to buy the products for the most competitive prices.

Huge benefits for both sides

The purchasing system at Drops demonstrates the power of united buyers who buy as a group so that each member of the group gets maximum benefits. The group formed by the united customers is known as “drop”. When a group of enthusiasts want to buy a particular product for them the members sit together and discuss the potential products that each one of them wants to buy. By voting method they decide the best product. They will buy the product that received maximum number of votes. After selecting the product, they spread the information pertaining to the particular “drop” on email and social media. When more people join the “drop” and offer to buy the chosen product, the price will go down further. Their goal is to enable the members to buy the product for the lowest possible price. The cost of the product offered by Massdrop will be in accordance with the type of the product which the members are interested to buy, the number of members in the “drop” and whether or not the drop price is reached before the expiry date.

How to join the offer?

Those who come forward to join the “drop” will have 2 options – “Join Now” or “Commit to Join”. Those who select the “join now” option are making a commitment to buy the product even if the drop could not reach the lowest possible price. When a member selects the “commit to join” option he is committed to buy the product only if the lowest possible price is reached. The buying system at Massdrop will not return or refund the money paid by the members. In case there are only very few people in the “drop” and the first price point was not reached, the drop will be declared as expired and as a result no order will be placed. The customers are allowed to cancel their purchase as long as the drop remains active. This is possible because the money will not be paid till the expiry of the “drop”.

Good customer service and reviews system

The customers who want to talk to Customer Service regarding their queries, grievances or complaints are required to provide their email address to the support link at the bottom of the page. They should clearly mention the reason for contacting Customer Service. The Customer Service will respond as early as possible. Those who want to buy open-back headphones for affordable prices may get in touch with Massdrop. In case there is a group of people who want to buy the particular item in bulk, so that each individual buyer will get the headphones for a cheaper price. In some cases Massdrop may even go to the extent of partnering with a company which makes headphones for making a more affordable version of the particular product.

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