How to manage LinkedIn marketing using Midrub?

LinkedIn marketing tools

LinkedIn is a professional social media network which has been gaining popularity for professional and business-related networking and promotion. It has 562 million users and the core purpose of using it is for developing connections and networks which will help the business. The real power of LinkedIn is not only in those connections which the business knows, rather the networks which those connections know. Tapping into the existing connections and growing the network and business prospects through word of mouth is the essence of using LinkedIn. It is one of the most preferred and top-rated social media platforms for generating leads and building professional connections.

Is LinkedIn marketing always profitable?

The popular social media dashboard Midrub helps the users to undertake effective social media management and effective engagement with potential contacts on LinkedIn. It helps in publishing scheduled posts on LinkedIn and reaching out to a larger professional audience. Some of the key benefits of using LinkedIn for digital marketing and developing professional connections are as follows:

Reaching to wider audience

LinkedIn has a wide customer base of 520 million users. The platform can be effective in reaching out to such a global and large audience and create awareness on the business and brand. The LinkedIn users who are in the connections of the business can share the content with their connections and help propagate the content. This word of mouth and organic sharing of the content makes marketing and creating awareness on the business on LinkedIn a rewarding experience.

Creating sharable and relevant content

LinkedIn provides an excellent platform for sharing quality and relevant content with users. When the content being shared is relevant, then the users are able to connect with it and they become active advocates of the business. They, in turn, share the content with their connections and this expands the overall reach of the content and is very helpful in creating awareness on the business on a global scale. The content can be made available in different formats like business presentations, blogs, infographics, videos, podcasts etc. for greater engagement of the target audience. It is estimated that businesses which post more than 20 times monthly are able to reach 60% of their total followers with at least 1 or more of their posts. Midrub provides help to the businesses in this aspect, as it automates the process of publishing posts on LinkedIn. The businesses can decide well in advance when specific content is to be posted, for gaining maximum leverage. It also removes the scope of missing out publishing important posts, which can happen, if the posts are published manually.

Differentiating from the competitors

LinkedIn provides a powerful social media platform for businesses to communicate with the relevant stakeholders. It is useful in differentiating the businesses from its competitors. The relevant information pertaining to the businesses like- vision, mission, company culture, work environment, values, work ethics etc.- can be communicated with the target audience effectively. Infographics, photographs, and other forms of visual medium of communicating with the target audience works the best in this regard. This kind of communication helps establish the credentials of the company with the relevant stakeholders and provides an impression to them on the working and overall culture of the company and how it is different from its peers and competitors.

Identifying prospective candidates for recruitment

LinkedIn provides an effective platform for expressing the credentials of the business. It is also helpful for the existing employees of the company to post as individuals about their work experience, stability, accomplishments etc. in the current company. This helps the prospective candidates towards the company who would want to work in such a work environment. Using Midrub, managing the posts and publications on LinkedIn becomes easier and much effective. It leads to effective social media management on the LinkedIn platform. When the platform is used effectively for influencing the current and prospective employees of the business it creates powerful and long-lasting relationships.

Tracking the competitors

LinkedIn is the most regularly used social media platform for B2B postings and communication sharing. According to the Content Marketing Institute, it is revealed that 94% of the B2B marketers prefer and use LinkedIn for communication. They use the platform for sharing content with their connections. When the company pages of the businesses present in the industry is visited regularly, it provides significant understanding and clarity on what the competitors are doing. Tracking the competitors intensively will provide the businesses the clarity on current trends and gaps in the strategies of competitors which can be taken advantage of. It can also give insights into the best practices being followed by them which can then be incorporated in the business for getting the desired results.

Improving the search engine rankings

Improving search engine rankings and visibility of the businesses is critical for ensuring success in today’s digital world. When the LinkedIn page of the business is optimized for effective SEO, it helps to improve the search engine rankings and visibility of the page. As the search engine rankings increase, the organic traffic to the pages also increase drastically. It can increase the organic traffic to the company’s website also if it is embedded in the LinkedIn page.


Using LinkedIn for developing professional contacts and reaching out to a wider global audience provides results in terms of increased search engine rankings and high organic traffic. A well-designed and optimized LinkedIn page establishes the credentials of the business and helps them to network with stakeholders for sales lead. It creates awareness on the company and establishes its public image globally as a reputable and trustworthy company. Using the social media dashboard Midrub, allows better engagement of the prospective customers through LinkedIn. The posts to be published can be planned and the responses to the posts can be monitored regularly. The replies to the comments on the posts can also be automatically responded to, which will mean meaningful engagement with the target audience. Using LinkedIn effectively will result in building strong referral professional relationships, help in generating strong sales leads, and also attract good human resources to join the business.

Before final decision about social media marketing tool check Midrub’s alternative called Stackposts. It’s also a standalone software installed on your server. For less technical marketers I’d suggest to check PromoRepublic, Agorapulse, Sendible along with most popular Hootsuite and Buffer. They work as a service (SaaS) so you don’t have to worry about technical issues at all.

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