Enhancing the quality of images in SEO with tools

Image optimization tools

Image optimization is an important one for SEO purposes because it helps to fasten the loading time of a website. The large images in a website will slow down the speed when visitors search for the details. It is not an easy one to optimize an image which exactly suits a website. As a result, a website owner should work with a developer for reducing the size with high accuracy. Nowadays, developers use a variety of tools for image optimization purposes to accomplish goals in the search engine rankings.

Website loading speed as SEO ranking factor

Since they involve different types, one should choose a right one from them for making the images effective to get the desired results in search engine page results. With image optimization tools, it is possible to improve the traffic of a website for ensuring more visibility in search engines. It is advisable to get more ideas about them in detail before purchasing a plan.

ShortPixel not only for WordPress websites

ShortPixel is one of the best (if not the very best) image optimization tools available in the markets that come with a variety of features thereby showing ways for meeting exact needs in SEO process. The tool utilizes minimal resources that can work well on any hosting such as dedicated, VPS, shared, and cloud. Moreover, the tool is a perfect one for optimizing the images of any size with both lossy and lossless compression. Some of the notable features offered by ShortPixel include:

  • Allows users to optimize thumbnails as well as featured images
  • Enables developers to compress retina images with automation options
  • ShortPixel plug-in for running the same on multiple websites
  • Lets users to optimize the bulk images in Media library
  • Works well for e-commerce websites
  • Compresses all types of image formats including PDF documents
  • Better user experience

The tool is available with 100 free credits and developers can use them accordingly. In addition, they can buy additional credits at the lowest prices to save money.

Smush image optimization tool

Smush is a simple tool to use for image optimization purposes without any software. It allows users to smush bulk images up to 50 at one time. Some of the features available in the tool include:

  • Advanced lossless and compression techniques
  • Enables users to optimize any images in any directory
  • Allows developers to optimize GIF, PNG, and JPEG image formats
  • Helps to smush all standard web-sized images up to 1 MB or smaller
  • Optimizes images in the entire network
  • Manages WordPress media library

The main drawback of Smush optimization tool is that it costs more than other tools. Another thing is that it limits the file sizes during the image optimization process.

It is necessary to optimize an image with a special attention for getting high traffic to a website. The tools play a significant role in lowering the size of images with various features which give ways for increasing the functions of a website in search engines. Reviews of tools are available for customers who want to buy the best one at affordable prices.

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