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Sendy - email marketing software

Email campaigns are popular among businesses to create new customers and add to the business revenues. However, these campaigns come at a cost as the popular email marketing applications are costly and also entail a monthly fee. Sending emails manually is also not desirable and an effective practice as the business grows. There is a demand for efficient and cost-effective email marketing application which can add to the profitability of the business.

Sendy is a leading and popular email marketing application which allows the users to send trackable campaign emails using Amazon Simple Email Service (SES). It is a self-hosted email marketing application which ensures delivery of large number of emails to prospective clients. The application provides fast delivery of the email to the subscribers and it also ensures safety of the customer’s information which is always kept secure. Sendy also offers a host of other features which makes the email marketing campaign much effective and helps the businesses realize its benefits. Some of the salient features of the application are provided below:

Highly cost-effective

Sendy is a highly cost-effective email marketing application. It is based on the Amazon SES service for sending the emails to prospective clients. The cost for sending 10,000 emails to customers using Sendy costs only $1. This is much lower from the competitors as sending 10,000 emails using MailChimp costs $200 and Campaign Monitor costs $105. The cost for the one-time Sendy subscription is $59, which is much cheaper than the other competitors. As Sendy is a self-hosting application, it means the user installs it on their web hosting server, hence there is no need to pay monthly fees. This low cost means that the email campaigns contribute more to the profitability of the business.

Detailed reports

Sendy provides comprehensive and detailed reports to the businesses on their email marketing campaigns. The metrics of the campaign like number of views on the campaign, the countries where the views are from, bounce rates etc. are all provided in visual chart-based reports. These reports help the businesses to assess the effectiveness of their campaigns. It helps them to find the gaps in the campaigns and contribute towards designing more effective and better email marketing campaigns. Better designed campaigns will lead to more prospective clients getting converted and more revenue for the business.

Sendy is GDPR compliant

The application is GDPR compliant. This means that the user’s data are completely secured and data can be exported within the application. The customers can also close their accounts as per their convenience. The customers are also asked for their age-related consent. The customers can access their data anytime and can edit it based on their convenience.

Compatible with any SMTP

Sendy is compatible with all the STMP servers and it comes with in-built bounce and unsubscribe handling. It works on the bounces and unsubscribe instantly and in real time. This ensures that the users do not have to take any action manually on such issues. This feature also leads to the mailing list being clean and emails getting delivered to the intended recipients. This brings efficiency in the email marketing campaign and provide better results.

Custom fields and segmentation

The users can create custom fields for their customers. This will allow them to store additional and value-added data on their customers. This custom fields can help to segment the customers based on various indicators. The segmentation of the customers can help companies to send targeted and specific email campaigns to them. Such targeted campaigns are more effective in capturing the attention of the customers and lead to the success of the campaign. Focused and segmented email campaign create higher revenues for the business.

Autoresponders and follow ups

Follow up with prospective customers on the email marketing campaign is important. Follow up leads to customer reinforcement and provide better results. Sendy comes with the autoresponder feature which allows the companies to follow up with the customers on specified dates. The autoresponder helps in keeping the brand on the top of customer’s mind and helps them to engage more effectively with them.

Managing multiple brands

Sendy is quite helpful when it comes to managing multiple brands. It allows the users to create specific email campaign for each of these brands. It also lets the users create targeted email campaigns for the clients using their own Sendy account. They can bill the clients for this which adds to the profitability of the business.


Sendy offers plenty of resources and services at a highly affordable price. It comes with customizable email templates, a user-friendly subscriber manager, detailed reporting etc. which are highly beneficial and productive to the businesses. It is one of the best and most cost-effective email marketing tools available in the market. It can definitely provide competitive advantage to businesses by helping them design and execute effective and successful email marketing campaigns.

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